Aerospace Project Management - Expert

This training will teach you how to effectively manage a project, efficiently monitor activities, manage your project team along with your suppliers and most importantly manage and satisfy yours customers while generating profits for your company. Our interactive and dynamic training is based around case studies from real-life situations simulating real project events where you will receive tips and recommendations.


The training is balanced between presentations and interactive Case Studies in which a Project Team (trainees) will work on challenging issues within a simulated environment coming from real Aerospace Projects situations and events (Project Reviews, Change Control Board, Supplier Reviews etc.). During the case studies each trainee will play a role and has specific tasks and responsibilities and at the end of each case study the trainer will provide trainees with key recommendations.

  • Project Life Cycle 
  • Project Management Golden Rules 
  • Roles & Responsibilities 
  • Plan a Project 
  • Project Breakdowns
  • Schedule Establishment 
  • Resource Management 
  • Management of Strategic Suppliers
  • Management of Technical Changes
  • Management of Industrial Changes
  • Project Management Leadership
  • Project Leader Roles 
  • Project Team Management 
  • Project Monitoring 
  • Risk Management
  • Management of recovery situations

Case Studies

CS1: Project Review
CS2: Project Monitoring in a complex work sharing environment
CS3: Change Control Board
CS4: Project Recovery Plan

Interest group

  • Project manager
  • Aerospace`s suppliers


  • Aviation (civil, military)

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Duration:  2 Days
Participants:  4 or more
Price:  indivduell

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