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Development of safety critical aircraft systems

successful through the certification

Development, certification and operation of complex safety critical aircraft systems requiring excellent skills of applicable processes and methods as well as competences of the respective team members. An excellent management forms the basic requirement to achieve this.

The course will demonstrate options and possibilities for management staff how to control the development process and how technical decisions may get influenced by human factors and finally how the safety of the product may will get impacted by this.

Based on the uncertainties of human thinking and acting and the potential mistakes in requirements, design and implementation, the basic requirements to quality management systems, design assurance systems and certification processes will be discussed.



Day one:

  • Target of the Course
  • Incidents and accidents, implications and later effects on two examples.
  • Characteristics of complex systems
    • Observability, Controllability, Analysability
  • The human thinking and acting in complex environments
    • Complexity, Uncertainty, Fear...
  • System Safety, Reliability, Customer Satisfaction 
    • The Management Dilemma. Strategies for its Mitigation
    • Safety and Reliability. Multiplicities or Counter Actors in Terms of System Safety …?

Day two:

  • Summary from day one and Conclusions for Certification Procedures for civil Aviation Products
    • Basics in Aviation Laws ICAO Annex 8
    • ICAO; EASA Part 21; Design Organisation Approvals; Certification Specifications; Federal Aviation Regulations etc.
    • The Principals of Type Certification
    • Continuing Airworthiness
    • Differences EU (EASA) and USA (FAA); A glance to China (CAAC)
  • Quality Management- and Design Assurance Systems
    • ISO9100; ARP4754A; ARP4761; DO-178C; DO-254 from Management Perspective and Company Targets
    • Validation, Verification; Safety Assessments. The V-Modell, State of the Art…?
  • Aviation Laws and Product Liability

Interest group

  • Staff Member of Aviation Authorities
  • Managers from areas of System Design, Certification, Design Assurance and Quality Management.


  • Development, Certification, Production, Customer Support related to Complex Flight Critical Systems with DAL A and B (Flight Controls, FADEC)

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 13.05.2019 - 14.05.2019, München
 05.11.2019 - 06.11.2019, München
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