Reliability of electronic systems

for applications in the automotive industry considering ISO 16750

Based on the theory of failure probability calculations of electronic systems and the Weibull distribution, this seminar will impart the basics for the assessment of reliability and life cycle of electronic systems. Furthermore methods and procedures for the acceleration of life cycle tests of electronic components under the attention of the confidence level will take part. An essential part of the seminar devotes itself to modern procedures to the reliability management of electronic systems in support of the standard ISO 16750. At least the contents enable to assess and calculate the failure rates and failure probability of electronic systems quantitatively and qualitatively. These methods will be used as the basis in the today's assessment for safety of electronic hardware according to the standards IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.


  • Introduction in reliability of electronic systems
    • Et. al. cause-effect diagram, Pareto analysis, Weibull-distribution
  • Reliability parameters, distribution function and examples 
    • Et. al. failure rate Lambda, MTBF/MTTF, B2-life cycle 
  • Definition of life cycle tests and determination of failure rates 
    • Et. al. calculations of examples/exercises 
  • Qualification / environment - and simulation tests 
    • Et. al. laws of R. W. Lawson and Coffin-Manson 
  • Introduction in reliability calculations of electronic devices 
    • Et. al. calculations of examples/exercises 
  • Introduction in in reliability calculations of systems
    • Et. al. reliability - block diagram, boolean system theory 
  • Clues to Standards and its usage
    • Et. al. standards and regulations

Interest group

  • Engineers and technicians in the fields of: development, testing and quality, who are interested in reliability management of electronic systems
  • Projectmanager, who plan and steer reliability and life cycle of the electronic systems within the scope of the given quality targets
  • Decision-makers, responsible for reliability goals within the scope of the company strategy


  • Automotive

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 10.10.2017 - 11.10.2017, München
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