Software Reliability

Extension of classical quality assurance measures through qualitative and quantitative methods

Next to classical quality assurance measures, modern safety standards increasingly demand the aimed input of processes to systematically evaluate complex control logic for safety critical systems. Due to diverging failure performance of logical and physical Entities, the technical reliability-theories known instruments are only restrictedly applicable for this purpose.In this seminar it is demonstrated how classical methods are to be supplemented through newer, software-technically shaped instruments through practical approaches, in order to support a significant increase, respectively a reproducible proof, of the software reliability.


Day 1: Classical reliability vs. software reliability

  • Features of faults and erroneous function:
    Error nature, consistency of the error presence, cause of error construction, classification of systematic errors according to their emergence, type of failure effect,  reproducibility of the failure perfomance, random sources of the failure performance
  • Quality assurance measures:
    Quality statements, error detection, reliability evaluation, fault tolerance
  • Prevention of software errors through constructive approaches:
    Increase of the reliability through input of semi-formal and formal methods

Day 2: Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the software reliability

  • Recognition of errors through analytical approaches:
    Verification and validation procedures, input of FMEA and FTA methods on software systems, model based test concepts
  • Software reliability:
    Systematical test vs. random test, probabilistic methods of the reliability evaluation
  • Software fault tolerance:
    Fault tolerating architectures, strategies to control remaining errors

Interest groups

    • Decision-maker in the Safety/Reliability department
    • Co-workers in the RAMS departments with interfaces to SW-Development
    • Software Developer

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