The Advanced System Support Engineering Tool

ASSET is a software tool for reducing costs during the product support of complex technical systems. ASSET helps in identifying critical cost drivers during the system design phase. The earlier system optimization is performed during the development process, the higher will be the product availability.

ASSET is based on the recently released ASD (formerly AECMA) standards

  • S3000L - Logistics Support Analysis

  • S4000P - Scheduled Maintenance Analysis (similar as MSG3 or RCM)

Experienced engineering ensures benefit in practice

Our highly qualified engineers with many years of experience were involved in the development of ASSET to ensure the practical applicability of this valuable tool.

ASSET is designed as a web application in thin-client architecture. The local independency and global accessibility have been realized through the compatibility with the standard browser Microsoft Internet Explorer. The interconnection with other logistic disciplines is assured through an universal XML interface.

 ASSET's functionality in a nutshell

 Optimize your maintenance planning with ASSET