Flight Physics & Aerodynamics

Philotech Experience in Aerodynamic Engineering

Philotech is a well partner of Airbus within the area of aerodynamics, flight dynamic and related topics and has built up great expertise inhouse. 

Excellent and long-term expertise in

  • Airbus Methods & Procedures

  • Military Standards

  • Military Aircraft Systems: Eurofighter, Tornado, A400M, P3C Orion, UAV, Tiger, NH90

Technical capabilities

  • Domain-specific extensive skills and know-how

  • Design and analysis of Flight Control Laws

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis

  • Generation of CAD models

  • Meshing of geometries for CFD simulations

  • Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity engineering

  • Aerodynamic Design & Analysis

  • Dynamic Loads

  • Specification of Wind Tunnel Testing & Analysis of data

  • Tools: Matlab, Fortran, Test.LAB, Mesher, TecPlot, PDM Teamcenter, CATIAV5, DOORS 

Philotech Experience in Flight & Space Physics Activities

In the area of Aerodynamics Engineering:

  • CFD mesh & model generation

  • Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

  • Wind Tunnel Test

In other areas:

  • Aircraft Performance Engineering

  • Flight Dynamics & Flight Control Laws

  • Structural Dynamics & Aeroelastics Analysis

  • Static Loads Analysis and/or Clearance

  • Weight and Balance analysis

  • Acoustic

  • Vibration

 Load and weights by Philotech's subsidiary usb GmbH


  • Reduction of weight with reliable data in early project phases

  • Ongoing control and analysis of mass properties over the complete product lifecycle

  • Improvement of quality due to companywide availability

  • Effective weight management individually customized to your requirements

  • Consideration of risks and opportunities during aggregation procedures