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Flight Physics & Aerodynamics

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) Experience in Aerodynamic Engineering

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) is a well partner of Airbus within the area of aerodynamics, flight dynamic and related topics and has built up great expertise inhouse. 

Excellent and long-term expertise in

  • Airbus Methods & Procedures

  • Military Standards

  • Military Aircraft Systems: Eurofighter, Tornado, A400M, P3C Orion, UAV, Tiger, NH90

Technical capabilities

  • Domain-specific extensive skills and know-how

  • Design and analysis of Flight Control Laws

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis

  • Generation of CAD models

  • Meshing of geometries for CFD simulations

  • Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity engineering

  • Aerodynamic Design & Analysis

  • Dynamic Loads

  • Specification of Wind Tunnel Testing & Analysis of data

  • Tools: Matlab, Fortran, Test.LAB, Mesher, TecPlot, PDM Teamcenter, CATIAV5, DOORS 

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) Experience in Flight & Space Physics Activities

In the area of Aerodynamics Engineering:

  • CFD mesh & model generation

  • Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

  • Wind Tunnel Test

In other areas:

  • Aircraft Performance Engineering

  • Flight Dynamics & Flight Control Laws

  • Structural Dynamics & Aeroelastics Analysis

  • Static Loads Analysis and/or Clearance

  • Weight and Balance analysis

  • Acoustic

  • Vibration

 Load and weights by Philotech's subsidiary usb GmbH

Building on an existing PLM-System or as a standalone solution, usb GmbH mass management offers significant functionality for the monitoring and controlling of mass during the entire development and design process right up to the maturity phase of the product. Unlike the most in PLM or CAD integrated solutions, M³® is completely designed and developed to meet the needs of weight management. Data from other systems can be imported on demand or accessed directly using the CAD integration module.

M³® is full scalable and can handle multiple and diverse projects simultaneously. Master data can be used across the different projects. Access rights are assigned separately for each project. M³® is able to calculate, administer and aggregate mass properties for different product configurations. Assemblies can be used multiple in the product structure and will be considered adequately in the aggregation algorithms.


  • Reduction of weight with reliable data in early project phases

  • Ongoing control and analysis of mass properties over the complete product lifecycle

  • Improvement of quality due to companywide availability

  • Effective weight management individually customized to your requirements

  • Consideration of risks and opportunities during aggregation procedures

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