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Manufacturing Engineering

The optimization of manufacturing processes from design and research, equipment availability up to on-time delivery is a key success factor for our customers. 

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) and their engineering partners support all process requirements of the production, integration and improving from research, design and development up to an entirely optimized production process. With our broad background in aerospace, information technologies as well as automotive we capture the diversity of requirements and master the complexity of the production process in collaboration with design and research as well as material technologies and tooling.

Systems Engineering / Simulation / Test Means

With the experience from the development of systems like Maintenance Simulator Trainer, Virtual Maintenance Trainer, Training Systems and 3D Terrain Visualization Simulators Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) supports the customer in the visualization and simulation of systems and processes within the whole lifecycle. Acceptance tests, systems integration and test complete our support in all stages of a system.

Software Development / Verification & Validation

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) specifies, develops and maintains software solution for all phases of the lifecycle of software and systems. With the full responsibility for software components Philotech supports the customer in development, testing, integration up to production support, maintenance, modifications, release management as well as quality insurance for onboard systems, ground systems as well as plant systems.

Support Engineering / Predictive Maintenance

The fulfillment of critical objectives like reducing of lifecycle costs brings the customer significant added value.

  • Maintenance Analysis and Planning with modern methodologies is a key activity of to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

  • With spare-part calculations Philotech supports the customers optimizing operation and maintenance during the in-service phase of systems.

  • The entire spectrum of technical documentations from creation, revision and publication completes our all-round service and supports all kind of manuals in aerospace, automotive mechanical and plant engineering and software development.

Product Lifecycle Management PLM

PLM is an integration platform managing data over the complete product lifecycle from concept and development including manufacturing and in-service phase. Philotech with its daughter company usb is your partner for versatile and independent PLM solutions. Accordingly, our experts have supported numerous well-known companies in the successful introduction and optimization of their Product Lifecycle Management for many years.

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