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Meet our PhiloBot!

Our PhiloBot has been launched by our colleague Dr. Danny Schlüns, who started his career at Philotech in Landshut as an intern.

Basically it is a modell car (Sunfounder Smart Video Car) equipped with a 720p USB webcam. Central unit of the vehicle is a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Mate as operation system. The intention is, to create an autonomous driving car.

Our new colleague Christian Moll just finished his master thesis in the field of autonomous driving in our office in Landshut.

The PhiloBot already moves continuously forwards and backwards instead of step by step as in the basic implementation. It also has an autonomous acceleration depending on how fast the Carrera-track allows it to drive.

On the left side you can see the PT1-controlled steering according to information extracted from camera pictures. Therefore Christian also developed an human interface showing this information.

The programming is done in C++ using the Open-Source software Robot Operation System (ROS) and OpenCV.

Stay tuned to learn more about the PhiloBot in the future.


Julian Cooper-Butler
Julian Cooper-Butler

Legend, written by Marie Lu, is a very action packed book about this kid named Daniel aka Day. Day was hated by the republic because of how many crimes he has committed but he does it for good reasons. Day committed all of those crimes because he was looking for money so his brother Edin could get better from his virus. Days brother Edin caught this virus called the plague and his family did not have enough money for it. While his brother was sick and he was trying to get a cure for him. He broke into the hospital to try and find plague cures but there were people in there. He jumped down and grabbed one of the…

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