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Philotech selected as EMES³ Airbus supplier

Philotech is nominated as Referenced Airbus supplier within the EMES³ supplier selection process in the domain of Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Customer Services.

Since 2016, Philotech has been successfully active at Airbus as a Strategic Supplier in the Engineering area (E2S). As part of the E2S concept, Philotech has built up an international supplier network with partner companies over the past few years and is constantly optimizing it.

As a successor to the E2S program, Airbus has conducted a new campaign "Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Services Strategic Supplier" (EMES³) to select preferred suppliers.

Philotech successfully participated in this multi-stage selection process. As a result, Philotech has been officially selected by Airbus as EMES³ supplier in November 2021 and can thus further expand its business relationship with Airbus.


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