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Recap: AIX + ILA 2022

After two years of the Covid19 pandemic, we were very pleased to be back with a booth at two aviation fairs in June 2022.

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022 Hamburg

With a joint Philotech and Bertrandt booth, we made our first joint public appearance. In the approximately 100 customer meetings we received very positive feedback. During a pleasant and constructive exchange, new customers could be acquired and first orders received.

ILA Berlin Air Show 2022

At the ILA Berlin we exhibited together with Bertrandt on a joint booth of bavAIRia.The focus of the fair layed on the environment and alternative environmentally friendly propulsion systems. Philotech and Bertrandt presented their engagement to the topic of Zero Emission - Future Mobility.

In keeping with the theme "Towards Zero Emission - Future Mobility" of the International Aerospace fair ILA 2022 in Berlin and the areas of innovation, mobility, technology and sustainability, Philotech and Bertrandt are showing how progress towards environmentally friendly locomotion is becoming visible at all levels of mobility.

From the "zero emission bicycle" and the "zero emission vehicle" (Harri) as an innovation platform for future mobility concepts and developments of electric drive and battery systems for vehicles, to the "zero emission airtaxi" and "zero emission aviation". True to this year's motto of the ILA "Pioneering Aerospace", work is being done in collaboration with the Center for Hybrid Electric Systems CHESCO, the Brandenburg University of Technology and Rolls Royce on corresponding implementations.

It is precisely the synergies between automotive and aerospace that form the basis for our joint success.

Good and promising discussions took place with customers such as Rolls Royce Germany, CHESCO, Diehl Aerospace, Rockwell Collins Aerospace, Deutsche Aircraft, Cariad, PAG (Premiun Aerotec), Liebherr Toulouse, Lockheed Martin etc.

Delegations from the Federal Government and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs visited the Philotech/Bertrandt booth.

We would like to thank our trade fair teams for the preparation as well as the direct presence at the fair.


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