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Requirement Engineering by our subsidiary usb GmbH

As an essential part of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Requirement Engineering is becoming more and more important.

Especially in military projects the traceability of requirements and their fulfillment is indispensable. The documentation of functional and non-functional requirements, such as contractual or environmental conditions is necessary. During the whole process of design and production they have to be considered and evaluated. The fulfillment can be confirmed by documents or tests.

For usb, active in the field of PLM since more than 30 years, our competences in requirement engineering are asked by our customers more and more.

Not only in aerospace, but also in automotive and defense industries we are active in this field of competence. The integration within the processes of PLM, like change and release management is one of the main benefits we are providing to pur customers. So we are not only doing requirement engineering, we are supporting the introduction and improvement of those processes on customer site.


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