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Due to their innovational strength and their associated business development potential, small and medium sized enterprises are an essential part of the German space industry sector.

Philotech has long-term experience in space projects. Our highly educated experts have gathered an extensive knowledge base and provide rigorous support to our customers within project management, engineering and product assurance.

Philotech services primarily include the following disciplines:

Space Project Management

  • Project planning and implementation

  • Configuration and information management

  • Cost / schedule management

  • Integrated logistic support

  • Risk management

Space Engineering

  • System engineering

  • Software engineering

  • FPGA development

  • Software tool development

  • Communications

  • Ground systems and operations

Space product assurance

  • Quality assurance

  • Dependability

  • Safety

  • Software product assurance

Since 2017 Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) is one of four prime contractors for Space Engineering at Airbus Defence & Space, performing the following activities:

System and Software Engineering

  • Functional Verification Infrastructure and Space Physics 

  • Data Processing & On-Board S/W 

  • Embedded S/W for Instruments & Equipment’s 

  • Radar UGS & P/L Data Processing 

  • Electronic Engineering 

  • Electrical & Functional AIT

Mechanical Engineering

  • Conceptual & Detail Mechanical Design

  • Mechanical Manufacturing Documentation

Customers include

Airbus Defense & Space, ND SatCom, DLR, OHB, Thales Alenia Space 

GALILEO, SATCOM Bw, ExoMars, BIOMASS, Sentinel-5, SARah, MERLIN, Euclid, NISAR, Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV 

Programs include

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