Support Engineering

Our support is embedded in our customer systems
Support engineering targets the 100% system availability and safety, i.e. zero failure of hardware and software. Therefore, highly reliable and optimally maintainable systems are demanded, including all related support items, spare parts, documentation, training, ground support equipment and processes. 


Fulfilment of critical objectives
Philotech engineers are supporting our customers in the fulfilment of such critical objectives with their expertise by:

  • Maximizing system availability and safety

  • Minimizing system downtime and maintenance efforts

  • Reducing life-cycle cost

 Teaming is key factor for success

 No "one fits all"

Main fields of support engineering services

  • Reliability, maintainability and safety engineering

  • Maintenance program planning and optimization

  • Maturity program definition for in-service readiness

  • In-service performance optimization

Support Engineering Services

To design a system for optimum availability at minimum cost

Operational key success factors such as total life-cycle cost, system reliability and optimum maintenance expenditure must be defined and designed into the product. This must be carried out during the early stage of the product development phase in order to realize the benefits during the product's operational life-time.

Supportability Engineering (RAMSST) for complex systems and challenging operational environments

An all-inclusive understanding of a 'system under development' is crucial in order to deliver the highest level of supportability. Reliability (R), Availability (A), Maintainability (M), Safety (S), Security (S) and Testability (T), often referred to as RAMSST, are the fundamental supportability design disciplines for a modern, state-of-the-art system development process.


In order to minimize safety related risks during the life-cycle of a product the principles of Functional Safety as defined in the related standards, (e.g. SAE ARP 4754A, ISO 26262, IEC 61508) are applied. Please visit our dedicated Functional Safety section for further information.

 MSG-3: Maintenance Program Development and Maintenance Planning to minimize downtime and maintenance cost

 Aircraft diagnostics and Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) for precise troubleshooting

 Maturity Management for a successful entry into service - HALT/HASS tests

 Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) needs more than just one

We support integration analyses like Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) and Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis. Our engineers are experiences with all of the standard tools for the individual support integration analysis based on MIL-STD-1388 2B and others. We are also developing our own system support engineering tool for LSA (ASSET), based on ASD S3000L and S4000M.


Technical Documentation

We help to improve your customer service

The technical documentation is your access to the users of your products. A complete and understandable technical documentation leads to a positive user experience and increases customer satisfaction. This reduces the number of service inquiries and thus your cost in the aftersales process.

Philotech offers the entire spectrum of technical documentation, from research and creation to translation and publication, if required also in portals and multiple media. This includes also ensuring the CE conformity of your documentation or creating visualizations from 3D engineering data.

All services from one hand

Philotech offers the creation, revision and publication of technical documentation in the aerospace, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering and software development industries:

  • Aircraft and component maintenance manuals (AMM and CMM)

  • Service bulletins

  • Job instruction cards

  • ASD S1000D data modules for description, operation, maintenance and repair

  • User and operating instruction manuals

  • Service- and repair manuals

  • Maintenance manuals

  • Installation manuals

  • Spare parts catalogs

  • Data sheets

  • Software manuals for usage, installation, setup and administration

Cross Media Publishing

A modular creation of documentation in XML format allows you to publish your technical documentation in multiple media from one source and facilitates reuse of existing content. By using a state of the art authoring system, you reduce your costs for translation and desktop publishing and reduce the time you spend writing your technical documentation.

In case you already use a content management or an authoring system, we work together with you in your system to produce your technical documentation and relieve you of peak workloads.

Technical documentation for products throughout the world

Your products are used worldwide and therefore the related documentation must be published in many languages. We support you to optimize your technical documentation for translatability. After approval, we translate your documentation using a state of the art translation management system. This ensures a consistent translation with the highest possible reuse of existing translations.

Consulting on technical documentation

We advise you on the selection and introduction of your authoring system for a format-neutral creation of your technical documentation. To ensure that everyone involved pulls together, we work with you to develop your documentation style guide to ensure a consistent look and feel of your technical documentation.