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Systems Engineering

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) customers have come to appreciate our unique integrated systems engineering approach. This resulted in many assignments and projects being delivered to the satisfaction of our diverse range of customers.

Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) Systems Engineering Division operates within a 3-Dimensional Systems Engineering Space, which comprises the dimensions of

 Systems Hierarchy

In the System Hierarchy dimension Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) provides systems engineering on several hierarchical levels of abstraction either autonomously or in project team context. In civil aviation, for example, this covers airline, aircraft, cabin/ cargo, equipment and module levels.

 System Life Cycle

In the System Life Cycle dimension Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) delivers systems engineering over the entire system life cycle which spans the typical stages of System Definition, Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Deployment, Support, Decommissioning

Engineering Capability
In the Engineering Capability dimension Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) provides typical capabilities such as 

  • System Architecture

  • Software Engineering

  • Engineering Analysis

  • Support Engineering

  • Qualification

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Management



Our competencies and services cover any one or more of these systems engineering dimensions implemented and delivered to a multitude of customers from diverse fields of application. This integrated, holistic systems engineering approach enables us at Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) to tailor and customise our services to customer needs. In this way we can either take complete responsibility for delivery or subsidize/support a customer project team if so required.

Systems Engineering Services

Systems Engineering Services Composition

We provide unique and specific systems engineering services by combining and configuring the basic systems engineering building blocks to match and satisfy the customer’s specific needs/ requirements. This enables a high degree of flexibility, adaptability, and customization in generating appropriate solutions.

Systems Engineering Services Delivery

Due to our unique and generic approach to systems engineering we deliver services that span a wide spectrum of applications in diverse fields of technology. Some typical, non-exhaustive examples illustrate possible, deliverable services, for example:

 Concept Development

  • Identify and define the needs and requirements through user identification and needs solicitation

  • Formulate one or more possible solution approaches

  • Develop a value system for evaluating and selecting the most appropriate solution Requirements specification

  • Formulate a conceptual design that will satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements

  • Validate needs and requirements with stake-holders/ role-players

  • Record requirements in a suitable data base, e.g. DOORS

 Specification Validation/Verification

  • Define/ Formulate the system utilisation profile

  • Derive corresponding/suitable scenarios and/or use cases

  • Simulate scenarios/ use cases and evaluate against evaluation framework

  • Define System Interfaces

  • Define Electrical Architecture

 Acceptance Testing

  • Define/ Formulate test cases from the requirements definition and/or system design

  • Develop suitable test procedures based on functional/ system performance analysis

  • Perform functional / system testing and record performance results

  • Evaluate system performance against the reference performance target(s)

 Engineering Analyses

  • Perform reliability analyses

  • Perform maintainability analyses

  • Perform testability analyses

  • Perform supportability analyses

  • Perform analyses of the electrical architecture (e.g. electrical load, bonding / grounding, separation and voltage drop analyses)

 Project Management

  • Set/ Define/ Formulate project targets

  • Define suitable work packages in accordance with these targets

  • Plan and Schedule delivery of work packages in accordance with targets

  • Organise resources precisely

  • Control work progress and status against plan

  • Formulate corresponding corrective actions and/or update project plan work

 Technical Support for Production & Airlines

  • Request changes to optimize documentation (Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Trouble Shouting Manual, Aircraft Wiring Manual)

  • Answer complaints

  • Perform technical analysis, investigations with equipment suppliers and root cause analysis

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