Systems Engineering

Philotech customers have come to appreciate our unique integrated systems engineering approach. This resulted in many assignments and projects being delivered to the satisfaction of our diverse range of customers.

Philotech Systems Engineering Division operates within a 3-Dimensional Systems Engineering Space, which comprises the dimensions of

 Systems Hierarchy

 System Life Cycle

Engineering Capability
In the Engineering Capability dimension Philotech provides typical capabilities such as 

  • System Architecture

  • Software Engineering

  • Engineering Analysis

  • Support Engineering

  • Qualification

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Management


Systems Engineering Services

Systems Engineering Services Composition

We provide unique and specific systems engineering services by combining and configuring the basic systems engineering building blocks to match and satisfy the customer’s specific needs/ requirements. This enables a high degree of flexibility, adaptability, and customization in generating appropriate solutions.

Systems Engineering Services Delivery

Due to our unique and generic approach to systems engineering we deliver services that span a wide spectrum of applications in diverse fields of technology. Some typical, non-exhaustive examples illustrate possible, deliverable services, for example:

 Concept Development

 Specification Validation/Verification

 Acceptance Testing

 Engineering Analyses

 Project Management

 Technical Support for Production & Airlines