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Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) delivers consulting and engineering services for companies in the information and communication technology sector. In more than 20 years we gained extensive experience especially in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Test & Measurement Equipment


Signal- und Spektrumanalysator

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Wideband Radio Communication Tester

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Manufacturers of electronic systems need extremely powerful measuring equipment to ensure the quality and efficiency of their high-tech products. The portfolio of the measurement equipment reaches from Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Signal generators and Network Analyzers to complete test systems for Mobile Devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and Navigation devices. 

Antenna measurement


Preparing Over the Air (OTA) and antenna measurement test setups and executing test plans for a wide range of DUT (mobile phones, base stations, automotive radar)

Our main tasks are:

  • Realizing calibration of OTA and antenna test setups and evaluating measurement uncertainty budgets

  • Analyzing the quality of measurement data and being able to identify problematic tests

  • Creating test report documents for customers



  • Professional experience in antenna and OTA measurement

  • Knowledge in antenna and OTA performance metrics

  • Experienced practice of RF instrumentation (VNA, Spectrum analyzer, Power meter, Generators).

  • Knowledge of CTIA and 3GPP standards


Secure Communication


M3TR – Tactical Radio

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M3SR – stationär radio

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SDAR Software Defined Airborne Radio

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The HF/VHF/UHF Radio Communication Systems are developed for the use in mobile and fixed ground stations, on ships or in aircraft for military and civil use. Specifically developed waveforms and encoding procedures make it possible to encrypt the communication which provides safe transmission of language and data communication.

Our main tasks are:

  • Requirements engineering, Architecture and Design (UML, SysML, DOORS)

  • Development of Embedded real-time and application software (DO-178B/C)

  • Development and verification (DO-254) of digital hardware FPGA (XILINX, Altera)

  • Support in certification audits conducted by certification authorities (EASA, CQP)

Spectrum Monitoring

Radio Monitoring

Radio monitoring can involve capturing and analyzing signals for the post evaluation by civilian or military leaders (signal intelligence). As a consequence of this information, necessary decisions, for the safety of the national boundaries can be made on a more reliable basis. The bandwidth of these signals extend from HF to SHF and covers all types of modulation and transmission modes.


Satellite Monitoring

Analysis and identification of unknown satellite-based voice and data communications as well as the processing of standardized satellite signals for intelligence purposes


"CalcTool" for recognition of radar patterns

Agile SW development approach for this project, where existing Algorithms in Delphi shall be provided in C++ with         the same functionality and integrated into existing ELINT environment.


Our main tasks are:

  • System Configuration, Pre-integration, Hardware and software installation

  • Implementation of the System software and driver for direction finders

  • Software verification and validation (according to DO-178B/C), Squish

  • Data preparation and visualization with state-of-the-art GUI´s (C++, QT)

  • Optimization and Partitioning of the data base (ORACLE)


Customers include

Rohde & Schwarz, Telefunken, GEDIS, KMW, SAAB, KNORR-BREMSE

Secure Communication for Aerospace & Defense, Test & Measurement, Interception Systems, Wireless Communications (5G), Mobile network testing


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