Philotech – our name is our philosophy.

Philotech: Name and mission statement
Philotech from the ancient Greek word "philotechnos" means "friend of art and craft" (analogous philosopher: friend of wisdom). Translated into today: friend of technology (and art). 

This represents the mission statement in the modern meaning of Philotech:
We are friends of technology or as in our slogan "We love engineering".

Technology should serve man; man should not be the servant of technology. Many fundamental calculations and insights go back to ancient Greek mathematicians (such as Archimedes) and engineers (including the first analogue "computers").

Only an increasingly smart technology that is adapted to human needs can solve the problems of humanity in the future. In continuation of the outstanding philosophical and technical foundations of our civilization, Philotech is committed to always being at the forefront of technological progress. This is what Philotech and all its employees are committed to.

Our customer's success is our main goal

Philotech provides engineering and consulting services for demanding and safety critical applications. Our targeted customers are manufacturers and suppliers in these sectors.
We have accumulated in-depth competencies on international level. The customers have regarded the owner-managed company Philotech as their selected engineering and consulting partner for over 30 years. 

Engineering experts throughout Europe
Highly qualified and motivated engineers are working at our headquarters and branches in Germany as well as at our subsidiaries and at customer sites in Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Their expertise is constantly being fostered by an internal know-how transfer as well as by close cooperation with universities and research institutions. 

 Our customers rely on us

 Mastering innovative development programs

 The Management Team

Encouraging and fostering their engineering people 

Philotech is an owner-managed company. Hartwig Dirscherl founded his company in 1987. He and his experienced management team take responsibility for the business divisions and subsidiaries throughout Europe. Provide yourself an overview of the Management on national and international level.

Philotech International

 Head of Management: Hartwig Dirscherl

Philotech Spain

CEO Philotech Iberica S.L.: Raul Morcillo

Philotech France

 CEO Philotech France S.A.S.: Matthieu Rivier

Philotech Germany

 CEO Philotech GmbH: Hartwig Dirscherl

Executive Vice President:  Sven Bacher

 CFO & CHRO: Silvia Wolf-Scherrer

 Head of Sales: Bernd Herrmann

 Head of Quality: Matthias Waldemer

usb GmbH

 CEO usb GmbH: Claudia Rosenberger

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EN 9100 based on ISO 9001

Philotech Systementwicklung und Software GmbH has established and maintains a management system relevant for Systems-, Life-Cycle-, Software-Engineering, Design/Analysis, Verification & Validation.
Since September 2003 Philotech Systementwicklung und Software GmbH is certified according to the EN 9100 standard which defines the requirements of quality management systems for aviation, space and defence organisations.
The EN 9100 standard is based on ISO 9001. The certification includes the company locations Taufkirchen, Hamburg and Cottbus, Toulouse and Madrid.

TISAX - Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

TISAX represents a testing framework coordinated by the VDA with a focus on Information Security for suppliers in the automotive sector.
Philotech is an approved service provider for OEMs from the automotive sector (VW, Porsche, BMW) and is allowed to perform projects with the classification "high protection requirements" at the company locations Taufkirchen, Landshut, Hamburg, Cottbus and Getafe.


 Preferred supplier

 German Testing Board Premium Partner

Philotech GmbH Cottbus is entitled to offer the ISTQB® Certified Tester training course Foundation Level, accredited according to CTFL® Syllabus 2011 by German Testing Board.

ISTQB® Platinum Partner

From the International Software Testing Qualifications board we achieved the level of ISTQB® Platinum Partner.
The ISTQB® Partner Program connects organizations around the world that place great value on the training of their employees and that want to demonstrate this qualification with the ISTQB certificate. For these organizations, software testing is the way of verifiably ensuring high-quality work products. We are proud of our certified software testing staff and of being one of those organizations!

European Social Fund – Investment in Your future

Philotech Cottbus receives funding for the training "Technical Competence Software Tests" from the European Social Fund (ESF) by the Brandenburg Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Women's Affairs.

European Commision (EC)

European Social Fund (ESF)

Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy

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