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Configuration Management, PLM

Configuration Management (CM) is a component of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Configuration management ensures quality, effectiveness and efficiency both in product development and later on in the production process and in the continuous improvement of products. This makes CM an important management discipline. When applied consistently throughout the life of a product, it ensures transparency and monitoring of its functional and physical characteristics.

The increasing degree in digitization is forcing us to take new paths in product development. These complex systems or System of Systems can only be managed intelligently with professional CM and PLM software. With PLM platforms you can manage all data and processes, starting with the product idea through design, development and production to the in-service phase.

Within the range of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) practices and especially in the field of Configuration Management (CM), usb GmbH, a 100% daughter company of Bertrandt Technology (formerly Philotech) , is one of the most experienced consulting companies in Western Europe. From the very beginning, usb GmbH has demonstrated its technical and professional competence while dealing with tasks in aviation and defence technology. A prime example of this was the leading role usb GmbH assumed in the design, development and implementation of the CM for the Tornado aircraft. The core of our services is the implementation and the management of processes in the PLM and CM area. We specialize in supporting large-scale projects which control and monitor complex systems in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.

You want to improve the performance and quality of your products? Optimize your PLM and benefit from our expertise and 30 years experience.


More information can be found at our Center of Competence for Configuration Management and Product Lifecycle Management, our subsidiary

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